34th Annual cadca leadership forum in washington, dc

CDFY was fortunate to have six representatives, including two dedicated youth committee members, attend the 34th Annual CADCA National Leadership Forum in Washington DC. Our team actively participated in this amazing opportunity at the end of January. During this impactful event, we seized the invaluable opportunity to engage in crucial discussions with Representative Luektemeyer and aides from Senators Schmitt and Hawley. These meetings went beyond being informative; they served as a powerful platform for advocating enhanced resources and policies that staunchly support our vital prevention initiatives. As we navigate the path ahead, our commitment to creating a safer and healthier community is stronger than ever. Stay tuned for the positive outcomes that will stem from these collaborative efforts!


This panel discussion offers a multifaceted and engaging platform for exploring youth mental health. We encourage audience participation, and foster collaboration among experts and attendees. Have ideas of questions you’d like asked at the panel forum, email those to lela@jccdfy.org!


As we gear up for the much-anticipated prom and graduation seasons, let’s come together to ensure our students make memorable moments filled with joy, responsibility, and positive choices!

1. Encourage your teens to express their style and creativity, making prom night unforgettable without compromising on values. Let’s celebrate in style and substance-free!

2. Take the time to have open, honest conversations with your teens on the importance of making positive choices. Remind them that smart decisions contribute to a lifetime of success.

3. If your teen is attending prom, discuss transportation plans and have a back-up plan.

4. Encourage your teens to focus on capturing memories through photographs and laughter. Positive choices create lasting memories that go beyond a single night.

5. As we applaud the achievements of our graduating seniors, let’s do so with pride and positivity. Emphasize that this milestone is a stepping stone to an exciting future full of promise.

6. Be available for your teen after these events. Offer a listening ear and reassurance as they navigate the emotions that follow prom and graduation. Positive choices set the stage for a bright future.

Together, we want to foster an environment where our students can celebrate responsibly, make positive choices, and create memories that reflect values we hold dear!