Student of the Month

Do you know a remarkable high school senior who is blazing a trail of inspiration by choosing a drug and alcohol-free life? We believe in celebrating these exceptional individuals who are lighting up their paths with positivity and dedication. It’s time to shine the spotlight on them through our monthly Student of the Month program!

The Student of the Month program is a chance to give a standing ovation to those remarkable high school seniors who are boldly living a drug and alcohol-free life. We believe in acknowledging their unwavering commitment and hard work, and what better way to do it than by showering them with recognition and rewards!

​What’s in it for the Chosen?

When your nominee is selected, they will be celebrated like the true champion they are! Our monthly honoree will receive an exclusive commemorative bag, a prestigious certificate of recognition, and an amazing prime parking spot for the entire month. But that’s not all – their achievements will be proudly showcased on media platforms!

​How Does the Program Work?

The Student of the Month program is your chance to give a shoutout to those incredible high school seniors who deserve the spotlight. This program runs from September to April, capturing the essence of their dedication throughout the school year. We’re partnering with Jefferson City High School, Capital City High School, Blair Oaks High School, Eugene High School, Helias Catholic High School, Russellville High School, and Calvary Lutheran High School to bring this celebration of positivity to life!


High School students

Partner Schools

  • Jefferson City High School

  • Capital City High School

  • Blair Oaks High School

  • Eugene High School

  • Helias Catholic High School

  • Russellville High School

  • Calvary Lutheran High School